Self-Publishing – A Word Regarding Createspace (And it’s not the word you think it is)

I just love the smell of freshly printed odysseys in the morning.  Smells like… vanity.

I was making good progress today—hunched over the laptop, pounding the keys like Keith Emerson at the 1-minute mark of Karn Evil 9—when what should arrive at my front door but my first shipment of author copies of The Fallen Odyssey.

Opening these boxes has distracted me enough that it can be nearly assured: not a bit more work will be done for the rest of the day.  So, now that my afternoon has suddenly freed up, I thought I’d take a moment to share a quick word regarding Createspace.

And that word is: Awesome.

Seriously. Awesome.

DISCLAIMER: Spokesperson is not a paid actor.

When I first decided to undertake the endeavor of self-publishing, I had my sights set on ebooks.  Kindle, iPad, smart phones, etc.  If you’ve got a good product and know your way around a computer, self-publishing is achievable, and if you play your cards right, you might even make some money.  I decided to strike out on my own, publish some ebooks, and maybe someday see my novel in print.

‘Someday’ is Today


I did my research regarding Createspace and encountered satisfied customers as well as plenty of naysayers, so I was wary about whether the amount of formatting and preparation I’d have to do would be worth the result.  I don’t normally share my opinions on services like this, but I feel like I owe my testimony both to Createspace and its potential users.  I won’t divulge every detail, but here are some things I discovered along the way.

  • Createspace is easy.  Know your way around a computer? You won’t have to expend an inordinate amount of time or effort in the process of formatting and uploading your files. Their online proofing tool helps spot issues, and ordering printed proofs is affordable.
  • Createspace can print a really good-looking book.  If you do your research and put in the work, you have the potential to get a good-looking, professional-quality result.
  • Createspace is fast.  It was four days between the time I placed the order for my proof and the time it arrived on my doorstep. And you can get it in two, if you want.


The bottom line is, if you’ve got quality material, an entrepreneurial spirit and a bit of technical knowledge, self-publishing is the way to go.  Createspace worked very well for my needs.  I really couldn’t be happier with their service and the result.

Let me leave you with a shameless plug.  Check out The Fallen Odyssey in print or on your Kindle or mobile device, and follow me on twitter for updates on future titles and the writing life.

Now, time to start working on the next one.
– CB


3 thoughts on “Self-Publishing – A Word Regarding Createspace (And it’s not the word you think it is)

  1. Congratulations! Though I have just noticed this post was put on here nearly a whole year ago! I hope you had and still remain to have all the success you deserve. Thanks for an excellent post!

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