Reader Reviews

“Epic, serious fantasy.”

“Captures your interest from the beginning and holds on to it right to the very end.”

“Grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Even when I put it down, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

“Breaks the mold. Just as much about the human condition as a classic adventure in a world far away.”

“One of those few elite books that don’t have a low point… I truly felt like I was watching every event in the plot take place… Nothing was ‘fluff’, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!”

“Unquestionably the best (and most original) independent fantasy novel I’ve read. Easily 5 Stars. Now very much looking forward to the next book!”

“Plot twists abound, characters grown and develop and the ending……well, you’ll just have to read it yourself to find out.”

“A fantastic story describing a young man’s internal conflicts between doing what he wants and doing what is right… The magical system is unique and extensive; the battles are detailed and compelling, and the world is full of ancient mysteries.”

“Far too many pages dedicated to describing in tiring detail the various fight scenes. Other readers might lap this up, but I admit to barely skimming through those sections.”

“Last page made my jaw drop.”


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